Travel provides most of the material for my drawings, prints, and paintings. (Pets a close second.) Sketching the sights is too attention-grabbing for my taste--I prefer taking many snapshots, not just the obvious ones of landmarks but locals, even other tourists. Back at home, sifting through the images, unexpected things will have been caught. The images I pick (most don’t pass muster) will be arranged--another step involving serendipitous (if I’m lucky) chance--into first drawings and then, with further adjustments, into paintings. The only “rule” I hold myself to is that I must have seen and experienced the sight, taken the pictures. No cribbing from coffee table books.

Travel also is a welcome break from the daily grind--allowing me to find time to read books, and, upon return, causing me to appreciate anew the life I’m resuming.

I didn’t make it to Europe until I was 40 and quickly went back. Since then: India, Morocco, Turkey, Egypt, Southeast Asia, Brazil and Argentina,  Rome and Sicily most recently. After biding time with “domestic travel” pictures, it’s time for something  more adventuresome.